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5 Interesting Natural Alexandrite Facts

Emil Sipos Mar 29, 2019
Alexandrite gemstone is famous for its color changing properties. It appears to be a green gem under the sunlight while it is red under artificial light. Learn more interesting facts about magical Alexandrite crystal!

Alexandrite History

Alexandrite gemstone was discovered in 1834 in the Ural mountains of Russia by French mineralist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold while he was actually looking for Emeralds. Although this crystal found its place in jewelry stores in Russia during the early days, this gemstone gained most of its popularity once Tiffany Company started making jewelry from it.

Natural Alexandrite Mystical Power

Since the discovery of natural Alexandrite gemstone, it is believed that this stone brings luck, love and good fortune to its wearer. Alexandrite opens the crown chakra, brings balance between the physical and spiritual world, brings healing energy, improves imagination, creativity, and intuition.

Fact 1: Alexandrite Formation

In nature, Alexandrite is formed when chromium is combined with aluminum and beryllium. Since chromium is a rare element, natural Alexandrite is very rare and hard to come by making it very rare gemstone.

Fact 2: How Rare is Alexandrite

Considering its formation that is not common in nature, a natural Alexandrite gemstone is, in fact, rarer than diamonds. Because of this, its price is pretty high.

Fact 3: Alexandrite is Color Changing Gemstone

Alexandrite appears to be blue-green in natural light and red-purple under artificial light. Also, it can exhibit chatoyancy - an effect of white lines shining down the center of the stone when it is moved under the light.

Fact 4: Largest Alexandrite Stone

Largest natural Alexandrite gemstone is on display at the Smithsonian Institution and weights mindblowing 65.7 carats! Largest stone in the British Museum of Natural History in London weights 43 carats. Largest Russian gemstone weights about 30 carats.

Fact 5: Natural Alexandrite Price

Price of natural gemstones depends on many factors like color, clarity, carat, cut but also the size. Natural Alexandrite retail price is from 2500 to 15000 USD per carat (0.5-1 carat gems) while the maximum price per carat can be over 70.000 USD!

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